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11782 Jollyville Rd #204b and 102a

 Austin, TX 78759, USA


 Fax  (877) 205-3455

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Weight Management

Achieve Weight Loss + Optimal Health​

How it works

Optimal RD creates a personalized plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals. That’s right. A structured plan designed for you.


It’s like having a personal trainer for your diet.

You will increase your understanding of how food and lifestyle affect the body while fine tuning adjustments in weekly goals so that you can achieve optimal health.

Our Philosophy


Food is fuel. Fuel up with Optimal RD’s recipes and menu ideas that are colorful, flavorful, and nutrient dense.  Recipes focus on fiber, fat, sugar and protein.  Lets work together and get the results you want.

It takes a village:

Follow up appointments and online communication help keep you accountable and build a community to empower lifestyle changes.  You will find a positive and encouraging support system with Optimal RD. 

Knowledge is power:

Registered Dietitians are nutrition experts.  Scientific results provide the framework for our weight management programs.  Every visit we will review your goals and can dive deeper into the science of nutrition.

Adult learners:

We realize that after a long day of work, absorbing new information can be boring so our team takes pride in researching methods of adult learning.  Optimal RD focuses on making appointments entertaining, creating a memorable take away, and using models, puzzles and activities to make learning more enjoyable.