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11782 Jollyville Rd #204b and 102a

 Austin, TX 78759, USA


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Client Testimonials

"I found Kathrine via my own research. Here is how I can summarize. I was not offered a bunch of products to buy and wait for magic to happen. I was informed/educated from the very first minute I walked in. I was followed up in various forms to make sure I am on track. Another thing is that she said that I did not have to quit eating anything but to make sure to balance it out within the criteria she set forth. One of the best attributes of Katherine is her knowledge of the body and nutrition. She is charming, helpful and amazing. I have already given her name out to as many friend as I knew whether they needed nutritional counselling or not. Her depth of knowledge on my the issues and questions were amazing. If there were more stars on the review, I would have given her, so much to say that even though I am moving out of state, I want to continue my contact with her via web!!  

Super job!"


"Katie is a wealth of knowledge!  She is very personable and makes the most out of every appointment.  I love that she offers samples of new products and tells you where you can find them in a store.  I look forward to my appointments with her." 

Ginger S.


"I've been working with Katy from Optimal RD for a few years.  She has helped me loose weight but achieve total health as a whole.  I continued working with Katy through my last pregnancy and now as I am trying to maintain total health as I achieve my pre baby weight.  Katy works not only with weight but making sure all areas of your life are working in unison to achieve totally health.  Highly recommend."  Amy C.

"Katy actively listened to my health and diet concerns and provided evidenced based recommendations that were easy to follow and worked within my lifestyle. I also appreciated her quick response time to follow-up questions. She is obviously passionate about healthy living and she has inspired me to make positive changes in my life!"  

Laura S.

"Katy at Optimal RD helped me tremendously with getting my IBS under control.  She was very patient and understanding with trying to figure out what was going on with my health.  I felt like she was sympathetic towards my condition and took her time with each meeting we had.  I highly recommend Optimal RD!"

Loyd L.

"If you are looking for help with healthy recipes, and a personalized integrative nutrition plan, you should check out Optimal RD. I love the quick response time and seamless communication.  Optimal RD uses apps and an online system that helps me stay in check.  If you are looking for a dietitian nutritionist that thinks outside the box and genuinely cares about you contact Katherine."

Katheryn R.

"I love the Optimal RD staff because they are so kind, compassionate and friendly.  Even on my worst days I feel better after an appointment.  Katherine helped me understand what inflammation is and what it does in my body.  I have lost weight, dropped my gastric re-flux medication, have more energy, sleep better, exercise more, and changed the way I think about food. 5 stars!!!"

Diane L.

"Working with Katy has helped me understand how important good nutrition is. I look forward to our visits, she is motivating, easy to talk with and helps me stay on track while traveling around the world for work. I feel more energetic and stronger. Highly Recommend!"  

Shawn Y.

"Katherine helped me with a couple digestive issues and after incorporating a few of her recommendations I saw results immediately.  Longer term, I have leveraged her actionable, easy to incorporate nutrition advice to feel more energetic and healthy every day."  

Jeff J.

"I never thought eating healthy and liking it was a possibility.  Optimal RD has some unbelievably-great tasting healthy food options.  Highly recommend giving them a call if you're looking to eat healthier, design a meal plan or just want to learn more about taking care of your health (with food)."  

Bryan H.