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National Eating Disorder Awareness Month- Orthorexia nervosa

February 14, 2019

Do you know that February is the National Eating Disorder Awareness Month? Eating disorders might not be among the top killers in our population, but it certainly can have a very negative impact on the quality of our lives. The statistic shows that at least 30 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S. (ANAD).


When we talk about eating disorders, we think anorexia nervosa, and/or bulimia nervosa. In fact, there exists many other types of eating disorders, such as, binge eating disorder and orthoreoxia nervosa.


What is orthorexia nervosa? You may not have heard about this term, but it has actually been around for a while! Classified as an eating disorder in 1998, orthorexia nervosa means an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating.


Wow, aren’t we promoting healthy eating? What is wrong with wanting a healthy diet? Well, as much as it is desired to be mindful of your diet, it will be an issue if you become too stressed out about eating itself. And most likely you will compromise your health and the quality of life.


So what are the things that people with orthorexia nervosa will do? They tend to cut off many food groups entirely from their diet without medical reasons; they develop an inability mentally to eat anything that does not fit into the small category of their staple foods; they often spend a significant amount of time during the day thinking about food and what they are allowed to eat to stay “healthy”.


As you can imagine, this is not an obvious eating disorder that you can tell simply from diet! In fact, there is so much going on on the person’s mind that psychotherapy may be involved for treatment. If there is one thing we have to learn from this blog, it will be “Too much of anything is no good!” As we always say, moderation is the key.


here are some great resources if you or a family member may be struggling with an eating disorder:



















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