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5 ways a family can get moving together

December 10, 2018

The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children and adolescents between the ages of 6-17 should spend about 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day. During the school year with homework and projects piling up sometimes that can get a bit tricky as kids struggle to get ahead in their classes.. So, one of the best ways to incorporate some exercise in your child's daily routine is by making it a part of a family activity. 





Here are some five simple ways you and your family can get moving together:


  1. Turn TV commercial breaks into workout routines. Use the 10 minute TV commercial break as an easy way to add in some exercise. Take turns in being the leader during each break and instruct your family to ‘drop down and give you five’ of different exercises as a way to get everyone moving. Give exercises silly names like to make the activity more fun and engaging.  

  2. Have a weekly sports night. As a family go out to play basketball every Saturday or Sunday or join a baseball league together. You could also divide up the family and have tournaments among each other. This is also the perfect way to get aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents involved which also gives you some bonding time with each other.

  3. Go on a walk. Make it a routine to go on a walk with everyone in the family either before or after dinner. Cruise around the neighborhood or walk the dog while you’re at it. For the adults out there who do not have time to get in some exercise while managing their kids, this is such an easy way to get some steps in and bond with the family at the same time. Walking for 30 minutes everyday also lowers your risk of chronic diseases especially diabetes, heart disease, stroke etc.


  4. Walk/run for charity. Make it an annual family tradition to enter a fundraising race together to support a different charity every year. Some examples of Austin family races that you could participate in include The Haunted Half, St Jude’s walk to end Childhood Cancer, Komen Race for the Cure, 9/11 Heroes Run, Zero Prostate Cancer Run and many more.

  5. When in doubt, Dance it out. Physical activity doesn’t always have to mean taking out time and going to the gym or going to play a sport. If you have a really busy day and did not get time to get some exercise in then have a quick dance off with your family while making dinner in the kitchen. Or have a quick 15 minute jam session right before bed. Workouts don’t always mean you and your family have to all go running on the treadmill, the whole idea is to get your body moving and if you can do that in a 15 minute dance off with your family then you’re already right on track!



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