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Fun Halloween Snacks

Halloween doesn’t always have to be about collecting and eating all the sugar coated sweets. You can always add a healthy twist to Halloween celebrations by getting crafty in the kitchen with your kids and making fun and nutritious snacks.


Here are some spooky snacks for you to try at home. Be sure to click on the links for recipes and more.




Boonanas and Pumpkintines: Cut bananas in half and stick some chocolate chips on them for eyes and a raisin for a nose and there you have it, a banana ghost. You can also carve out some oranges and fill them up with strawberries, and grapes like a fruit cup. These snacks are also perfect to send to school with the kids in their lunch boxes.


Candy Corn Popsicles: Make these delicious popsicles with your kids by layering fresh orange juice, pineapple or mango juice and low fat yogurt to make it look like a candy corn on a stick. Freeze in a popsicle mold and enjoy!


Spiders on a Log: Slice celery sticks in half to create small boats, and fill them up with your favorite nut butter. You can then use chocolate chips or raisins to make it seem like there are spiders crawling on the log. Your kids will absolutely love these protein rich snacks and will gobble them up right away.



Spooky Deviled Eggs: A spooky twist to the classic deviled eggs. To create these creepy snack, make deviled eggs like you normally do. Then slice up an olive and use one half to make the body of the spider and slice up the other half to create 8 spider legs and place on the eggs. These snacks aren't only a hit with the kids, but can also be a fun treat for your adult parties as well.


Eyeball Pinwheel Sandwiches: Make these fun eyeball pinwheel sandwiches for a more filling snack. For this you will need tortillas, olives, diced red peppers, cream cheese and some deli meat. Spread cream cheese on the tortillas and place the meat in the middle of the tortilla followed by black olives on just one side. Then roll them up and cut up the rolls into pinwheels. Place the diced red peppers in the middle to create some blood shot eyes.   


*these photos do not belong to Optimal RD. The links for sources are linked below and above.



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