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Nutritional Tonics and Herbal Drinks

It is Sunday morning, and you wake up after an amazing night out with your friends with some sniffles and a tingling in your throat. Uh oh. Are those signs of a cold? You have a very important presentation at work tomorrow, you absolutely cannot get sick. What to do?

Well, you’re in luck. I have the perfect homemade remedy (inspired by Martha Stewart's recipe for Golden Elixar) for you to keep that nasty cold away.




Tumeric Ginger Tonic


  • ½  cup hot water

  • 1 inch fresh ginger root

  • 2 inch knob fresh turmeric (1 oz weighed) OR 1/2 - 1 teaspoon dried turmeric

  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice

  • 1-2 teaspoons honey (to taste)

  • Pinch of black pepper or cayenne (optional)



  1. In a blender mix together, water, turmeric and fresh ginger.

  2. Pass the mixture through a strainer to get rid of any unblended ginger

  3. Add in lemon juice, honey and black pepper

  4. Enjoy!






Ingredients broken down:


Ginger: Ginger has been used in south Asian medicine for the treatment of various ailments such as nausea, colds, arthritis, migraines and hypertension. It has anti-inflammatory, anti- septic and antioxidant properties which contribute to its health enhancing effects. It contains constituents like sesquiterpenes which target rhinovirus (aka the common cold). Ginger can also help lower your body temperature if you have a fever and acts as a natural decongestant


Turmeric: Turmeric like ginger is also known for its anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Turmeric contains the active compound curmucin which helps fight against cough, and improves your immune system.  


Honey: Honey is a natural folk remedy that has been used for thousands of years. It is known for its antiviral and antioxidant properties that can help inhibit viral activity which come from colds. It also acts as a natural cough suppressant and soothes the sore throat


Lemon: Lemon contains vitamin C which is an antioxidant. Vitamin C is beneficial to help strengthen the immune system, this allows your body to fight cold symptoms and reduce its severity and duration.


Do you guys have any special immune boosting recipes? We would love to try those out!



Herbal Medicine: Biomolecular and Clinical Aspects. 2nd edition.


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