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Farmers' Markets

April 14, 2018

Farmers' markets are one of my favorite weekend activities! Meet up with my girlfriends, grab a coffee and a rosemary blueberry scone, stroll down the aisles, pick up some fruits and homemade tamales for later, listen to music, and people watch. Farmers' markets are such a different pace from the normal day to day. Very relaxing, immensely fun, and oh so refreshing! Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather, and try out a farmers' market near you!



Reasons to visit a farmers' market

  1. Support sustainable practices! Most produce found at the grocery store comes from far away, which means more energy and fuel was invested in bringing that product to you. Buying locally saves resources and is healthier for the planet.  Help reduce your carbon footprint by shopping local!

  2. Buy seasonal foods! Foods that are in season are fresher and usually taste much better! Challenging yourself to use in season produce may help you to expand your taste and culinary horizons! Check out my favorite seasonal food guide to learn what produce is in season. If you can't make it to the farmers' market, try Farmhouse Delivery, a farm to table business which delivers local, in season vegetables to your front door!

  3. Try new eats! Farmers' markets aren’t just for produce. You will also find booths with vendors selling delicious food.  Go ahead and try that new cactus tamale, lavender kombucha, vegan pastry, stroopwafel… or cricket flour granola!

  4. Great family friendly activity! A lot of farmer’s markets have outdoor seating and live music. Bring your child and dog for a fun morning!

  5. Feel more connected to your food! Buying at a farmer’s market removes the middle man. Talk to the people who grew your food, ask for advice on preparation, connect to your community, and support small businesses!  Optimal RD frequently voluneers at the Chef's Demo Table at the Lakeline and Mueller Farmer's Markets providng recipes for local vegetable dishes. Come say hi! 



Farmers' markets in the Austin area





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