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Tech Review: Runtasty-Health Recipes &Cooking Video App

I’ve had quite a few requests for recipes and databases this week, so I found an app that’s featured in Food and Nutrition magazine for you. It’s called Runtasty and it’s full of healthy recipes with pictures, instructions, and even how-to videos.



Runtasty-Healthy Recipes &Cooking Videos


Get tons of easy healthy recipes and kitchen hacks! Your complete healthy food recipes book right in your phone. Want a low calorie healthy treat to satisfy your sweet tooth? Need a quick post-workout healthy recipe to fuel the gains? Or maybe some vegan recipes to wow your meat-eating friends! Pop open your Runtasty cooking recipes app and head to the market. The ingredients for the healthy food recipes are practical, the cooking recipes are simple and your belly will be happy.

* 40+ dietitian-approved easy healthy recipes available for all diets and dietary restrictions: gluten-free, vegan recipes, vegetarian, meat-eater, low calorie, dairy-free, low-carb recipes and more!
* Calories & Macros: All easy healthy recipes include calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat break down. This makes choosing a low calorie or calorie-dense meal (based on your goals) a breeze.
* Step-by-step videos: All cooking recipes are available in a quick and entertaining video format 
* 7 additional how-to videos: Kitchen hacks to make your life in the kitchen so much easier
* Filter healthy cooking recipes based on different categories: Under 15 minutes, post-workout, less than 200 calories (low calorie), nut-free, breakfast, vegan recipes, healthy smoothie recipes and more!
* Mark your healthy recipe favorites: Go back to your favorite cooking recipes so you can make them again and again


* 🥞 Fluffy Protein Pancakes 
* 🍗 Hummus-Crusted Chicken with Veggies
* 🥗 Colorful Quinoa Salad
* 🥗 Steak Avocado Salad
* 🌯 Avocado Chicken Wrap
* 🐟 Pesto Salmon With Veggies
* 🥞 Banana Pancakes
* 💪 Mango Chia Protein Smoothie

Not everyone is looking for a low calorie meal (especially all of our runners), and we get that! Some people simply want healthy food recipes that taste amazing! That’s why we offer a variety of easy healthy recipes to fuel your goals and all the nutritional information to help you make the best choice possible - for you! 

We must warn you, it could be the case that your friends and family want to come over every night after they try one of the healthy food recipes from the Runtasty app you whipped up. If this happens, encourage them to download the app for themselves so that they can create these healthy food recipes whenever they wish.

Happy cooking and enjoy your easy healthy recipes!


Dietitian Marisa Moore's Review:

Synopsis of the App​​

Runtasty is a healthy recipe app that caters to a variety of dietary needs and provides step-by-step cooking videos and nutrition information.   


Platform and Price

​Free. Apple and Android.


RDN Score
5 out of 5



  • The app is easy to navigate and has a pleasing aesthetic with brilliant food photography.

  • Includes at least 40 on-trend recipes like protein pancakes, zoats (zucchini oats), and chia pudding. 

  • All recipes include calories, protein, carbohydrate and fat information.

  • All recipes include professional quality, step-by-step videos to make following that much easier.

  • Includes a video library of basic cooking skills like how to cut an onion and how to poach an egg.

  • Search for recipes using ingredient keywords or click on a tag to browse options like breakfast, dinner or snacks.

  • Search recipes by dietary restrictions, which include dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, and more.

  • Colorful icons identify foods that meet certain nutrition criteria such as high carb or nut-free.

  • Save favorite recipes and blog posts to easily access them later.

  • Join the app using a Facebook account or create an account using an email address.


  • Ingredient quantities are provided in grams, which will send most Americans to an online converter or in search of a different recipe outside the app.

  • Does not include a grocery list feature.

  • The recipe database is limited. With only 40 recipes at the time of this review, heavy users will quickly want more.

Bottom Line

Runtasty beats the healthy recipe app competition with its stunning photography and easy to follow cooking videos. If you are a whiz at converting metric to customary measures in the kitchen, you’ll fall in love with this easy-to-navigate cooking app. 


Marisa Moore, MBA, RDN, LD, is a nutrition consultant based in Atlanta and adjunct faculty at Georgia State University. Follow her at, on Twitter or Instagram.


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