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Tipsy Kale

Kale is my favorite superfood! It’s high in calcium and full of healthy antioxidants. Most people don’t like the taste of kale so this week, I decided to share one of my go-to kale recipes that’s made several people enjoy the vegetable. My sister and one of my good friends both claimed that they hated kale until they tried my “tipsy kale”. Now they’re hooked! I made it for the first time when I opened a bottle of red wine and forgot about it and let it go sour. When you cook with wine, the alcohol cooks off so it doesn’t matter if it’s been open for days or weeks. I usually make this recipe with cabernet because the wine takes away some of the bitterness of the kale. Let me know what you think or if you try it with anything else!


Tipsy Kale


Prep time: 5 minutes, total time: 15 minutes
Makes 2-3 servings, depending on how much kale you use


3-4 large handfuls of cut and washed kale
¼ cup red wine (sour or old wine is fine)
1 tsp olive oil
2 tsp balsamic vinegar
Garlic powder, salt & pepper to taste


1.  If you bought fresh kale with the veins, wash it then cut it off the veins into small pieces.
2.  Heat olive oil in skillet over medium heat.
3.  Add one handful of kale saute until soft. It shrinks when cooked, so add it to the skillet a little at a time.
4.  Add red wine and balsamic vinegar.
5.  Continue to add kale one handful at a time and saute.
6.  When the kale is at your desired “crunchiness”, add salt, pepper, and garlic powder. You can cook the kale as much or as little as you would like.
7.  Enjoy!


Calories: 94 per serving
Carbohydrates: 13 g (2 g fiber)
Protein: 4 g
Fat: 2 g (1 g unsaturated)


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