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Make It a Good Day

September 18, 2017

Good Day chocolates are a great little discovery. When you’re craving something chocolaty and sweet, why not have something that also packs a nutritional punch? Good Day chocolates are candy supplements and they taste so delicious. I tried my first box and ate the whole box in a day. They’re cute and fit in your bag nicely, allowing you to pop a couple whenever you have a chocolate craving. And the best part is a single box is fairly low in calories: about 60 calories per serving or 120 per box.


They’ve created several varieties with different nutritional content. There is a vitamin D3 chocolate, a sleep blend chocolate, a turmeric chocolate to prevent inflammation, a calm blend chocolate, and an energy blend option.


Keep in mind that these are treats, and should definitely not be considered daily supplements. Like most candy products, Good Day chocolates pack a fair amount of sugar into each serving: about 8 grams per serving or 16grams per box. Plus they have a decent amount of fat. It is chocolate after all. But if you’re going to treat yourself, why not treat your taste buds and your body at the same time?


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