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A Good Way to Get Good Bacteria

September 11, 2017



Our bodies have a very interesting relationship with bacteria. Most people assume that bacteria are bad, since they can cause infections and illness. But in reality, our bodies host millions of bacteria that are essential to our own health. In a symbiotic relationship, bacteria actually can improve digestion and absorption in the GI tract, as well as help breakdown fiber and produce valuable nutrients. Ingesting probiotics is one way to help restore the body’s good bacteria by introducing live strains through food, supplements, and beverages.


Kombucha, kefir water, yogurt, and other fermented foods are great natural sources of probiotics. Kevita is a delicious option for those looking for a low calorie, low sugar source of probiotics. The Kevita Probiotic Sparkling Drinks are my favorite, as they contain around 20 calories and about 2 grams of sugar per serving (depending on the flavor). They use minimal ingredients, all of which are simple. Kevita also makes regular kombucha and apple cider vinegar drinks that are tangy and full of probiotics.  With tons of delicious flavors and options, Kevita offers everything from Mango Coconut and Lemon Cayenne to Pomegranate and Blueberry Basil.


You can find these drinks at health food stores like Whole Foods or the Wheatsville Co-Op.

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