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Hiking Snacks

August 30, 2017

Photos by Raven Cortright

Hitting the trails can be fun, especially as the weather turns cooler. But properly fueling the body for a day or more in the outdoors can be a challenge. Some foods don’t keep well in the heat or in cold environments, some are too messy to conveniently carry along, and some are just too unhealthy. Therefore, finding the balance between convenient and healthy is a challenge but there are solutions! Below are some of the best hiking/backpacking snacks to bring on the trails.


Prunes: These dried fruits are delicious and full of fiber. I highly recommend Sunsweet Prunes for longer trips (the cherry flavor is delicious). They pack away easily without taking up too much space, they are light, energy dense, and will help you maintain regular bowel movements. Spending several days on the trails without fresh fruits and vegetables can take a toll on your digestive system, which is where prunes can be handy in keeping you on track.  Thank you Sunsweet for sharing!  # sunsweetharvest #onthegosnacking


Almonds: I like plain almonds for hiking or shorter trips. A handful or two provides energy-sustaining fats and calories. They are filling, healthy, and delicious. Just be careful not to overeat, especially if you’re embarking on a shorter day trip or hike.


Trail mix: I love trail mix for extended trips as it is energy dense and delicious. You can pack in a good amount of calories and nutrients in with a couple handfuls. I like mixes with a variety of nuts and dried fruits. If this is one of my main sources of energy for an extended trip, I’ll add some sort of chocolate to keep my taste buds happy and calorie count sufficient.


Tuna: The slim packs of tuna are great for the trails as they are light and easily packed into a bag. Full of protein and low on calories, they make a great addition to any outdoor adventure.


Granola bars: Depending on the trip length, I bring granola or protein bars as snacks or meal replacements. If backpacking for a few days, I’ll bring Cliff or Quest bars to serve as a quick breakfast. They pack easily and are lightweight and energy dense. But for simple day trips and shorter hikes, I’ll bring less energy dense bars like Nature Valley Crunchy bars. These are sufficient in maintaining energy levels for a few hours on the trails without a ton of sugars and calories..


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