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Snack Spotlight: Beet Chips

July 21, 2017

Photos by Raven Cortright


Nutritional Profile

(Per pouch)

Calories 100

Sugars 15g

Carbohydrates 22g → 88%

Protein 3g → 12%

Fat 0g → 0%

Fiber 5g


0% fat

12% protein

88% carbohydrate



Taste 5/5

     These crisps are magical. They boast one simple ingredient: beets. There are no additives. They aren’t fried. There is no added salts or preservatives. Just thick crispy slices of baked beets.

     The texture is awesome and if you’re craving something like potato chips, these are definitely an awesome choice. At only 100 calories they are perfect snacks for someone watching their calorie intake. However, they don’t have a balanced macronutrient ratio, as they are mostly (88%) carbohydrates and a whopping 15 grams of natural sugar. There is a small amount of protein per pouch, but this isn’t well-balanced in terms of protein, carb, and fat ratio. They are, however, high in fiber. Each pouch has 5 grams of fiber, or about 20% the recommended daily value.

     Overall, these crisps are great snacks if you’re trying to get more vegetables in your diet. Simple dehydrated beets are actually yummy, and the texture is perfect for munching when you want something crunchy. And at only 100 calories per pouch, there’s no post-snacking guilt.


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