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What should I eat before a workout? Protein, carbs, or both?



After working a long day at the office the last place I feel like heading to is the gym. May you provide any suggestions to help kick start my gym routine? Should I eat before working out or after? Protein, carbs, or both?


 Katherine Hall, Austin Greenbelt Bike Ride


Carbohydrate intake 1 hour prior to exercise will provide the following benefits:

1.      Prevents hunger prior to exercise and for the duration of the exercise regimen.

2.      Maintains optimal levels of blood glucose for exercising muscles


The focus is on carbohydrates (~100 kcal) - Choose one of the following:


·  Fresh fruit such as a banana or orange slices

·  Half of a sports energy bar

·  1/2 plain bagel or English muffin

·  5 small Crackers such as saltines or low-fiber cracker

·  Small box of low-fiber cereal

·  8-12 oz of sports drink or endurance sports drink


If exercising for longer than one hour, carbs help to maintain blood glucose and improve performance. Choose one of the following items to consume during exercise:

·  Sports gel - 26 to 30 g of carbs every 30 minutes 

·  Sports drink - 1 cup of 6%-8% carb solution taken every 15 to 20 minutes

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