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 Austin, TX 78759, USA


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Nutrition Therapy 

Achieve Optimal Health​

Medical nutrition therapy refers to the treatment of medical conditions with a tailored dietary and lifestyle approach.  


Many patients rely on pharmaceuticals with the potential for adverse effects for treatment of disease.  Nutrition is an often under appreciated powerful method of disease prevention and treatment. 


Optimal RD utilizes the Academy of Nutrition Dietetics’ (AND) guidelines, professional experience of registered dietitians, and client values to customize medical nutrition therapy interventions for various disease states and conditions.

What to Expect

  • Initial appointments are dedicated to collecting and reviewing medical history, lab values, lifestyle, dietary habits, and client goals.  Initial appointments typically last 60-90 minutes. 

  • After a thorough interview and investigation, the RD will develop an intervention plan tailored to the individual. 

  • Honest answers to tough, health and diet questions answered.  

  • Customized  menus, access to recipes, and personalized feedback to online food journals.

  • Care and support from our community.

  • Personalized functional medicine tests and structured plan to achieve wellness.

  • Follow Up appointments are typically 30-60 minutes 

  • Commit to achieving your nutrition and wellness goals now.   Book Online 

Heart Health 

  • Heart Disease

  • High Blood Pressure ( Hypertension)

  • High Cholesterol ( Hypercholesterolemia)

  • High Triglycerides and Dyslipidemia