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11782 Jollyville Rd #204b and 102a

 Austin, TX 78759, USA


 Fax  (877) 205-3455

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Thank you for your interest in Optimal RD, Individualized Nutrition & Wellness Consulting. 


We are not currently accepting clients to our private practice at this time.  

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Founder, RDN LD CLT 

More of us are aware than ever that what we eat impacts how we feel, energy levels, and long term health & wellness. We regularly hear from friends or the news about new types of diet trends and fads. This increase in awareness and available information drives us to want improvements in our diets. This is when sifting through information, and researching answers starts getting complex.  What are the best approaches to healthier eating & living? How does my personal health history and body type come into play? What are the first steps I should take? How do I build a plan that I can actually incorporate into my busy life and enjoy following to achieve my goals?

Optimal RD was founded to help you answer all these questions and achieve your health & wellness goals through individualized nutrition & wellness consulting.

  • Mindful and Intuitive Eating

  • Pediatric, Adolescent

  • Family Focused

  • Athletic and Sport Focused

  • Elimination Diet

  • Food & Chemical Sensitivities


  • Gluten Intolerance & Celiac Disease

  • GERD, Reflux

  • Diabetes Management

  • Heart Wellness

  • Cancer Nutrition

  • Eating Disorder Recovery

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